Sunday, May 27, 2012


The contrast between last Sunday and this Sunday (today) couldn't be more different. Today was cold and mainly wet, and we spent the majority of our time inside. Last Sunday however was an outdoors kind of a day.

We were on North Head in Devonport, looking out over the deep blue harbour to Auckland city while white puffy clouds and pale blue spread provided contrast between sea and sky. Cheltenham beach looked beautiful from up here with the sheltered stretch of shelly sand.

Kien, of course, was in his usual energetic state.

If you haven't noticed he just really likes to jump off things.

We were here mainly for the tunnels.

But in reality we explored so much more from above then below.

Sometimes he says he is scared of spiders, but it doesn't seem like it when he stops and talks to them. He also playfully says he wants to eat them.

The boats were out racing that day, lots of them.

We headed down the walkway to the beach where we came across a digger. We must have looked like the dorkiest parents as Jef was taking photos with his iPhone as well. I'm going to have to string the photos into a movie for Kien to watch.

Jef and I were talking about how funny it was that we were thinking the days of playing in the sand at the beach were finished for the season.

Last Sunday feels like a really long time ago.

Today two little toddlers were inside. We were visiting Kien's grandma, who happens to be Thomas' great grandma.

I am bracing myself for a tough week at work as I've been asked to contribute to a couple of major projects. It will be fine, just mentally draining. Being challenged is good for me.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, wherever you are.


Lea White said...

Love your photos. I really don't like the weather this time of the year.

Carlos said...

Lien, you live in a beautiful place. I think that even a photo of a chewed piece of gun on the ground would make an amazing picture. :)

Lien - all new adventures said...

@ Carlos, LOL that's funny!

@ Lea, I know, only another 4 months to endure *groan*. Roll on Summer.

Jessica said...

That jumping-of-the-wall photo is soo cool!


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