Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snippets of our week

I have been running this blog since my pregnancy days. It has been (and continues to be) my record/account of what is happening in my life, but more importantly how Kien is developing and (the mischief) he gets up to. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and sends me messages. It is nice to be able to connect and share in our experiences, and it is always so lovely to hear from you.

I've been so flat out lately at work, and by the time I pick up Kien, get home, organise dinner, feed Kien dinner, get him bathed and into bed, read books, spend the ensuing fifteen minutes after lights out getting him back into bed - well, I'm just exhausted and need to crawl into bed. Photos stay unsorted/unedited, and by the time I get around to it I've got over a whole week's worth to put up.

Visiting ông ngoại

That's what Kien calls my dad - ông ngoại, meaning grandfather in Vietnamese.

I usually bring a toy for him to play with, and he's been really loving his RC cars lately. He can drive it all around the shop.

My aunt often comes over when we are there, and frequently brings Kien gifts.

She is currently undergoing another round of chemotherapy, and when she's done we are all going to Vietnam for a holiday.


I love our Tuesday morning playgroup sessions. They are always a lot of fun for the both of us.

We were making beaded necklaces and brackets, and half way through Kien decided he didn't want any beads on his string. He moaned and groaned until he got all the beads off.

He used the string to tie up the helicopter - but of course!

Shared morning tea - he eats lots of fruit.

Talking to Daddy

We've been frequenting our favourite Japanese yakitori bar with Kien for dinner sometimes. Last night we stopped into Jef's city office afterward.

Kien had a blast. He scribbled on the whiteboard, and Jef called him from another phone and they had a long conversation. It was so funny.

Occupying his attention

One of the reasons we are able to take him to restaurants is because he loves his iPad. We've loaded it up with lots of videos of helicopters, diggers, himself, and his newly discovered favourite - TuTiTu clips.

We all love technology!

Friday tomorrow, yay! Long weekend, double yay! Extra long weekend for me, triple yay!


LatteJunkie said...

Love your wee lad and I am glad it's not just Monkey who ends up decorating the whiteboards at Daddy's work :D

Anonymous said...

Your poor aunt, that is so awful, I hope it's all over very soon! Kien looks so cool standing on the desk, I love hearing kids on the phone! x

Lea White said...

What a neat post! You have such a cool little guy!

Catching the Magic said...

Oh, he's gorgeous! You have such talent in capturing his personality with the most lovely photographs and slices of life.


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