Thursday, May 10, 2012

My happy boy

When he isn't troubled by teeth and other such ailments that make him a grumpy puss he is a delightfully happy little boy.

On Tuesday morning we went to Ponsonby playgroup where we decorated bottles and made maracas out of them.

It's nice to be able to participate in the activities.

I don't get a chance to do this every day so I cherish the time I have with my boy.

It was funny seeing all the kids piled into the sandpit. Kien stayed in there playing well after all the other kids wandered off and he helped us pack up all the toys.

I stayed until the end; after story-time when the hall was nice and quiet and the kids were enchanted by the activities coordinator. Such a wonderful sight to behold.


Bathtime magic

He can spend ages in the bath.

It's something we do every night, and even though he may resist going (because he is having such a good time doing whatever he is doing), once he is in there he wants to stay in there.

He has lots of bath toys, but a lot of the time he just wants to soak, splash and roll around in the bath.

My happy little boy, how far you've come in such a short time.


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