Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dashing through the snow

LA went through a cold snap the day after we arrived, and there was a fresh sprinkling of snow on the mountains the day after the rain. So it was a perfect opportunity for us to drive the hour or so for some snow play.

Jeff took us to Wrightwood on Wednesday, and initially we went to a place called Mountain High to do some tubing. Unfortunately it was not open, but the snow was so beautiful we couldn't help ourselves but run around on the white stuff whilst we waited for Kien to wake from his nap. The scenery was beautiful; absolutely breathtakingly perfect for taking photos.

The snowy trails filled with pine cones leading off into the distance was a magical sight - everything my romantic side could envisage when imagining snow covered pine forests on mountain know, like in Rambo "You drew first blood" scenes.

Ethan was a good sport to indulge me with a few shots since my son was still asleep.

We made our way down to the lookout point across to the ski slopes glistening in the sun.

My untrained eyes say those trails look pretty perfect for skiing. How I wish I can ski, or board. Perhaps a new skill to learn this winter back home.

Kien experienced snow for the first time ever; he touched it, ate some, and decided he liked it and wanted some more.

We drove maybe a couple of kilometers down the road to the snowboarding part of Mountain High and couldn't find an area where the kids could play. So we just parked in the carpark and entered the snow area knowing full well we would more than likely be moved on sooner or later. The time we spent there was so much fun!

After throwing snowballs and sliding down hills and general frolicking in the snow we brought out the sled.

An employee finally showed up to move us on, and we asked him where we could do some snow play. He recommended driving a few more kiometers (in miles, of course) down the road and find a spot in amongst the trees. We did just that, and found a nice spot at called Apple Tree Campground.

Found some Holly growing wild here.

More fun to be had with the sled.

More snowballs too.

It was very fortunate we were able to have this experience whilst here.


Boy Crazy said...

Looks like great fun! Beautiful pics!!

Lea White said...

Looks like you had fun! Beautiful snow. Cold. But beautiful!

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