Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello Las Vegas!

We arrived in Vegas yesterday after a long drive from LA plus a few stops in between. So we are here, in the Nevada dessert, in Sin City.

That's an airplane way up in the cloudless sky.

When you are in Las Vegas eveything feels surreal. Fake cities as themes for casinos can be interesting to walk through.

Strip joints are everywhere around here, and so "normal" it's not even worth talking about.

This is Paris where we went for dinner tonight.

There is temptation everywhere you go, and I'm talking about tempation for the small kids - rides, flashing stuff, stuffed stuff...anything to grab their attention and draw them (and their parents) into the stores or casinos. Competition is fierce, obviously.

At an outlet on the outskirts of Las Vegas yesterday.

At the carnival games in Circus Circus.

We took the kids to play carnival games before dinner tonight. The place was packed. The staff manning the boothes were very forthright and pushy pursuasive. We won a few soft toys for the kids, so at least we didn't walk away empty handed.

We had breakfast this morning at Rio before heading out to the dam.


Kien says "Hello!"

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Lea White said...

Oh wow!!!! It looks amazing there.


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