Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The sun came out

Finally! Sunshine! Us Aucklanders sure have missed that giant nuclear reaction in the sky. Ordinarily when the sun comes out whilst I'm at work it is too tempting not to be outside basking in all its glory, but today (this week, actually) I've been flat out busy. So when I picked Kien up from daycare I decided we were definately spending the evening outside. I promptly threw together a quick meal on the stove, made a salad, packed some wine, texted a couple of neighbours to join us, poured some juice and off we went.

A neighbour downstairs saw Kien running around the lawn and came out bearing a gift for him. His last organ has only recently been retired to the rubbish bin so he was pleased to score another one.

Rie came down with her son Noah, who is two months older than Kien. They've hung out before, so there was no shyness with either boys when and they decided it would be fun to play with the catfood that another neighbour from downstairs had just put out.

The camera didn't pick it up, but there were black ears and some sad eyes peering from behind the building, watching the kids intently.

Jef went to the yacht to clean off barnacles later this evening while I bathed the child and put him to bed. Everything turned out dandy, except for the fact that I spent one and a half hours trying to break out of my son's bedroom after he was fast asleep! The door handle on the other side (the one I couldn't get to) had fallen off, and the door handle on the side of the door I was on - which was obviously not the right side - would not do a damn thing when I turned it. I pulled wall hanging contraptions off walls to use as tools, but to no avail. I could hear my phone dinging constantly from the lounge telling me there were new messages, and I felt helpless. I ran through different worst case scenarios in my head, and the thought of having to relieve myself into Kien's nappies certainly did not appeal! Not to mention the fact that Jef went to the boat all by himself, and I'm the only one who knows. Anyway, when Jef FINALLY came home I frantically knocked on the door for him to let me out. It was such a relief! All I can say is I am so glad I am not residing at a penitentiary somewhere. Freedom is so under-rated!


Hazel Loves Design said...

It sounds like a lovely evening, with the exception of been locked away for the night! Thank goodness for hubby returning home to the rescue :) Hazel

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Oh gosh, I cringed and felt a moment of panic reading about you being trapped for that long. Did Kien sleep the entire time? I would have been in tears with frustration. I bet you never felt more pleased to be back in your living room.


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