Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the coast

On Thursday it was a perfectly cloudless day - it hardly ever rains in California, and the winter days are more like summers back in New Zealand. Last Thursday was a fine example of a typical winters day here, perfect beach weather.

We were heading toward Santa Monica, but due to not getting off at an exit prior to getting on the Pacific Coast Highway we decided to go to Venice Beach instead. We parked up a side road, and walked a couple of blocks to the beach proper.

The beach stretches for miles up the coast, and it has such a wide and flat sandy shoreline.

It's just like Baywatch!

Kien and I built sand castles with the bucket, and he enjoyed kicking them over. We also had a great time running back and forth in the water.

There were some interesting characters on Venice Beach, some harmless (I guess).

We didn't really hang around on the boardwalk, but when we were heading back to our car there was a dude having a full on conversation with his shoe. I wanted to stop and take pictures on the boardwalk, but Jef didn't want to hang around that particular area.


Kien's personality is blossoming, and although he is a handful at this age he is also a lot of fun.


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