Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pasadena ♥

Lynette left her car for us to use. I learned how to drive over here around the same time as I learned how to drive back home, so everything just kind of clicked back into place. I love how our brain can file informtion away, seemingly never to be available for use again, and then when you need to conjure up something you once knew - it just happens.

We were in the city of Pasadena yesterday. The weather was lovely - typical winter day in California.

First stop was City Hall.

It's a beautiful example of Californian Mediterranean style architecture.

Kien fell asleep on the way, so we just kind of drove around and around. We came across another beautiful example of exquisite architecture - I think it's an apartment, but who can tell? An oasis, perhaps?

Kien was woken up by a very loud fire truck. I returned with our lunch, and we had a picnic overlooking some interesting scenery.

Kien says "I want to run" all the time...and it's true, he does - All The Time! (That's when he's not wanting to be carried all the time when he's not running.)

Surprise, surprise - we purposefully found an Apple store.

We stopped at a burger place for Jef to have some lunch. Damn, it was a tasty burger!

We headed home mid afternoon, and as we drove down Del Mar in the distance we could see the fresh dump of snow on the mountains.


Lunar New Year ceremony

As is the tradition for Chinese New Year there is always the obligatory food offering and incense sticks lighting, and family gathering. I have lots of family in LA, and we were over at my Uncle's place last night for this occasion.

This is us getting ready to eat all the food post offering/incense sticks lighting/fake money burning.

This isn't all of us, there are lots more.


Lea White said...

It looks amazing over there! The big family shots are just lovely! Yes, with kids you don't need to go to gym :-)

Hazel Loves Design said...

WOW! It looks like you are having a fabulous break, I love the individuality of the architecture! Stunning! :) Hazel

Unknown said...

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