Sunday, April 1, 2012

T'was a perfect autumn evening...

...and all through town, there were lots of people enjoying a BBQ at sun down! Hey, did you like that? My sentence rhymed. I've been reading the book A Kiwi Night Before Christmas that Growing Up in NZ gave to Kien at the 2 year interviews and he loves the voices I do, so I'm stuck with reading a Christmas book for the next wee while.

Anyway, I'm referring to last Thursday evening when it really was a perfect autumn evening, and we really did enjoy a BBQ at sun down.

That afternoon I had taken Kien to Starship for one of our "failure to thrive" check-ups, and I'm not even going to talk about that because it's not even worth mentioning or thinking about (except to say that I'm sure the consultant is a brilliant doctor at the top of his game but talk about needing to improve on his bedside manner!). I texted Jef to hurry up and leave work so we can go to the beach, then in just over three quarters of an hour later we were there at beautiful Herne Bay beach, playing in the sand.

Playing in the leaves too.

I love it that Kien can make friends with total strangers whenever we go somewhere. It certainly makes entertaining him a little easier.

He chats a lot, A LOT, and I suppose people who are kid friendly (there are those who are not, as I witnessed today) find him engaging. From the time I picked him up from daycare and all the way to Starship hospital and all through our consultation and all the way walking back to the car and all the way home he just chatted to me; "what's that?", "look Mummy, look there", "I see diggers", "I see helicopters" (he can say it properly now, yay!), "there's car", "there's truck", "there's bus, big bus!", "what's that noise?", "look, Shark!" etc etc.

If I think of the sun streaming through clouds at sun down I would say last Thursday evening's display was a perfect example.

We chased the frisbee on the secluded beach.

We threw ping pong balls (actually, it was just one ball we found, but the sentence didn't sound right with just the singular noun ball - and if you haven't noticed by now I do have a slight problem with plurals, as Jef constantly has to correct me about it).

We went round and round as the sun descended in the sky.

Finally, when the moon was high and the sun was gracing the other side of the planet we went home.

Just loving this perfect autumn weather we are having at the moment.

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LatteJunkie said...

Thank you for sharing a perfect autumn evening. I felt like I was right there with you...

Monkey still can't say helicopter - it's still helicoppolah, and I still think it's cute.

Have a stunning week!!

Anonymous said...

Kien sounds so awesome. I love hearing kids chatting away, although sometimes I wish Peter would stop for a few minutes! Love the photos as always.


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