Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend variety

It was a weekend of variables; not doing much of anything for a bit and then doing lots, rain for a bit, sunshine for a bit, windy and cold, sunny and hot, working indoors, playing outdoors, summer BBQ at dusk, rained out by nightfall. So many Aucklanders are asking the same question - what has happened to summer? The promise of a hotter and drier than normal summer as predicted by the forecasters last year is laughable now. They couldn't have been more wrong! Anyway, it doesn't matter because we are trying to make the most it regardless.

Saturday we were just busy running errands and visiting family in the afternoon. I checked the tides for Sunday and it was high tide at 11am, so we decided to hit the beach early.

It was Sentinel beach this time, and the water was pretty warm for that time of day. The boys paddled off, and I went for a swim.

Kien really enjoys being in the kayak - just like his dad.

It's such a nice way to spend a morning.

I love Monarch butterflies, and this one fluttered around the whole time we were at the beach.

Kien refused to nap when we got home. Instead he spent almost 2 hours in the bedroom singing and jumping - and we could hear him chanting "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" as he was jumping on the bed! I had to do some shopping in the afternoon, and of course as soon we started driving he fell asleep. Typical!

We had a BBQ that evening, and as with a lot of things at our place Jef made it. Check out how cool this thing is:

Jef fired the charcoal with the gas burner, and he slowly cooked individual courses of beef sirloin, free range pork sausages, and corn fed chicken thighs. Everything was delicious! In between the courses we snacked on hot bhuja mix (it is really hot!) and this little guy loves it.

The sky was swallowed up by dark clouds before we were finally rained out.

The Auckland Sky Tower is not the only one we have around here. Kien stacks jars from my bottom drawer, or he'll piece all his mega blocks together, or he will roll up a place-mat, and says he made a Sky Tower.


Lea White said...

Oh the photo with the butterfly is just so gorgeous! I love your header! You are so talented with your photographs!

Lien - all new adventures said...

@Lea White thanks! Jef actually took the pictures of the butterfly. I tried to by running after it with my camera, whereas he was a lot more patient and waited for it to land instead :-)


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