Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Action packed long weekend

It feels like since we have been back from Australia life has been that much busier. I guess settling back into our rhythm again, and with the long weekend, and with Jef having been stuck at work for an extra half hour or hour here and there I really have been feeling like it has been non stop. I guess that's what Labour day is all about then - having a break and taking a breather. Luckily for me my weekend extends to 4 days, so as everyone else headed back to the office today I was able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine with my boy. I'm yet to process the photos taken today, so will post those separately later on. In the meantime I've got plenty of this weekend gone.

His friend's 2nd birthday party

Kien got invited to a little boy's second birthday party on Saturday. Leo's birthday party was held in a boat shed on Marine Parade in Herne Bay.

Kien had a great time, eating typical kids party food, and riding in the car that he wouldn't let any other child play with. There was no point in me intervening - there were just too many children there who also hogged toys and hadn't a clue about sharing.

Kien also spent a lot of time outside - climbing the stairs up-down-up-down-up and running around the garden. I went and fetched him often.

As the DJ entertained the children with music and games Kien wanted to go after the runaway balls.

The view outside the window of the boat shed of other boat sheds is pretty cool.

Kien and I will be visiting that beach on one of our Tuesdays. It is small, secluded and cute.

Monday afternoon at the beach

So what did we do on Labour day? Why, life's a beach and we went there, tout à fait!

We went to St Leonard's beach again, but this time the tide was further out and we were able to explore the caves around the rocks.

Jef was teaching Kien how to skim rocks.

Kien was every enthusiastic. He ran around collecting rocks for his dad.

I am always amazed at how much Kien adores Jef. Jef can pretty much make Kien giggle emphatically by merely goofing around.

Is this a mini-me photo, or what!


When we drive around we hunt for diggers. When we spot one we all yell "digger" and point, and Kien then says "more digger?" when he can no longer see one. So Jef got him a toy digger, and Kien occasionally will take this to bed with him.

Finally, you know the Rugby World Cup is over when an ocean liner is leaving our shores.


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