Saturday, October 1, 2011

At the quarter

This morning Jef told me to take the child and get out of the house so he could clean. Awesome! It's like music to my ears. So I obliged. I decided to take Kien in the stroller to Wynyard Quarter.

There was a certain buzz in that area; a carpark full of camper vans, playground full of children, restaurants full of diners, Clydesdale horses clomping around, and men in kilts with bagpipes.

I love how the sound permeates the area, contributing to the ambience. Kien kept asking for more when they stopped playing. Must be the Scottish streak in him.

This playground is always filled with kids whenever I've been here. But then again Auckland does have an influx of tourists right now, so it's no surprise any tourist attraction would be crowded.

Sand + Kien = happy

Remember how I said in a previous post that Kien has a strange little habit of throwing things from inside defined parameters to outside those parameters? Well, his little idiosyncrasy still exists.

Fistfuls of sand hurled onto the basketball court.

I could not get him out of that garden without him having a fit. Luckily there was a mound with fake turf that every kid seemed to be attracted to, and I persuaded him to go over there.

Kien joined them; from running up and down to sliding down the slope.

The dark clouds could not hold for us, and we were caught in the downpour on our way home.

Starship checkup

We had an outpatient clinic appointment for Kien on Friday. He is now 80cm tall (he has grown 3cm since June), and he is still 9.6kg - same as he was in June. But when she witnessed him zooming around her office, climbing up and down the steps to the examination bed, clambering onto the chair to look out the window (again, and again, and again), tipping the toys out of the box so he could drag it around the room, not to mention the constant jabbering and laughter - well she was not concerned with this development and growth. She kept commenting that he is very active and bright. Yes, he wears his parents out!

Whilst waiting to be seen we went outside to play. The outpatient clinic is on the third storey overlooking the helicopter landing pad. We were lucky enough to see a helicopter take off and land while we were there. Kien was beside himself with excitement. The outlook is also fantastic up there. You wouldn't think you were at a hospital.

Kien called the dragon "di-dor" (his version of dinosaur). He liked it a lot. He also wanted to get over the fence to play with the ride-on toys there. Imagine explaining to a 21 month old that we cannot climb over the barrier because we were not allowed to. Yeah, it didn't go down too well.


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