Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outdoor activities

This family loves the sea, and first thing Saturday morning we headed out to Northcote Point to visit our Firedancer.

I know what you are thinking - Kien doesn't look like he is loving it, but I can assure you he was loving it on the inside. I'm his mother, I know such things!

On the yacht Kien was right as rain. He helped his dad tidy up the wiring inside the cabin (Jef ripped everything non-essential out basically) while I sipped champagne coffee on deck whilst enjoying the lovely view. The Harbour bridge looks amazing from this angle.

I cannot wait to have some adventures on this vessel. But first things first - I need to learn to sail. I guess I'll be doing some night school to get my boat masters.

We headed into shore at just the right time. The dark clouds were rolling in from the north west, and on the row back Kien sat at the stern, once again looking apprehensive.

I think he looks so cute in his life jacket.

It was great that the water was so calm and glassy still. Jef commented how effortless it was to row in, and I was able to hop out of the dingy and get it onto the ramp without any issues.

It rained on our way home, and we cheered.

Sister, Brother - Uncle, Aunty

Once upon a time, not so long ago, my sister and brother were as small as Kien is now. Now they are his aunt and uncle, all grown up.

From childhood to adulthood - it doesn't take long.

I can't believe Kien is almost two. When I'm dealing with the hard day to day challenges the grind feels relentlessly never-ending, and yet when I reflect on how far he has come in his development the time has just whizzed by in a flash. It feels like this was only taken a mere few months ago.

Auckland Domain

As it turned out to be such a beautiful afternoon why not make the most of the lovely weather by having a good runaround at the domain. Kien had a bundle of energy to burn (what's new).

I had a lot of fun playing chase.

I love this place so much! The palm trees are grand and allows me to pretend I'm living in the tropics.

No comment required!

Kien liked the duck pond. He also liked the garden leading up to the duck pond just as much.

We came across this cute little duckling nestled amongst the daisies. Such a gorgeous sight.

We were too late to visit the Winter gardens, but outside is also beautiful.

Life is not always about rushing around trying to get things done. One must remember to stop and smell the flowers.


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