Saturday, October 29, 2011

...and then he threw a wobbly, again

Standing at the kitchen gate and pointing at the spot he is occasionally allowed to sit on, he had a meltdown. This one was a doozy. He stamped his little feet and shrieked, then threw himself on the ground, rolled around a bit, and back on his feet to stamp some more. He carried on for 20 minutes, occasionally stopping to take a breather. He did stop for 42 seconds to watch a video clip on my iPad of himself giggling, but then he must have remembered he was still upset, and so he started up again. No amount of offers for cuddles could stop this one.

He asked for milk, and at this stage he was so beside himself he was tripping over everything, including his own feet. He wanted to lie on the couch next to his fish, but when he got there he wanted his koala, so he went and fetched it from his cot. But that wasn't satisfactory and he asked for his dinosaur and dog next. So he went back and forth transferring his stuffed animals one at a time from his bed to the couch, after which time he climbed up, rested against the fish, hugged his koala and finally the tantrum was over.

5 minutes later he was giggling again, and when Jef tried on his half marathon shirt Kien wanted to put one on too. So he slipped into mine.

An hour earlier Jef and I had buried our heads under the duvet to escape the shrill moaning and groaning of an unhappy child. I can't remember how that one started - probably over a sticker that wouldn't unstick, or he took a bite out of his cracker and didn't want it "broken".

We headed off to Newmarket to purchase Kien some sandals. Shops were not open until 10am, so in the drizzling rain Kien zoomed around.

The bed of flowers at the intersection exuded a wonderfully sweet fragrance, not to mention how pretty they were with smatterings of pink freesias nestled amongst black poppies.

We were standing right next to the Yoobee store when it opened, so of course we had to go in and take a look. This is the closest we get to an Apple store in NZ.

Kien was very interested in the guitar. He strummed and sang a little bit, but was very good not to take it off the stand.

We went to the Crocs store and tried on a pair of green ones. We needed some assistance, but the Assistant didn't look interested in assisting us, and neither Jef nor I was in the mood to ask for assistance, so we left the store...and then he threw a wobbly, again. Luckily this one was short lived as we enticed him with walking up the road to The Warehouse.

We came home with a plastic boat, bucket, spade, rake, sand molds, and a pair of toddler sunglasses. No sandals.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Wow - in the picture with Jef and the green shirts, Kien looks JUST like you! The expression is totally Lien.

Thomas has just started trying to assert himself - no actual tantrums yet but he flings himself down face first and groans, and does this angry pelvic thrust. He also had his very first food refusal yesterday, and then didn't go to bed until 11pm. Ahh the joys of transitioning from babyhood.

Kien looks really cool standing next to that guitar, nice pictures.

Lien H said...

Sometimes I think he looks like me and other times I so see Jef in him, especially when he is being naughty :-)

They are babies for such a short time; helpless and needing you to do everything for them. Then they discover they can do things for themselves, and want things...and lose the plot when they can't have things. It's all good fun though, these times are so brief. I'm glad you are enjoying Thomas so much right now. Welcome to the next chapter in the adventure!


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