Friday, October 7, 2011

Being young

Do you remember what it was like when you couldn't even count your age to cover all the fingers on a single hand? When an outing was an event that seemed to stretch out indefinately *the WHOLE day*, and so long as you were having fun then it was a delightful never ending thrill? No one was keeping track of time. Time? What’s does that mean? It’s merely something that exists in adult-land. So on Tuesday afternoon it must have felt like an endless party for these children.

I left work on Monday with everyone teasing me about going to the beach (as the rain and wind was relentlessly attacking people and umbrellas outside). I was adamant on going, but reserved the right to change my mind if the gray clouds dominated the sky and the sun was a no show.

Sentinel Beach

When the tide is in this place is awesome.

We had a gathering at the beach with some of my coffee group buddies and all of our kids, 2 a piece (except for me). We came baring beach balls and sand toys. It seemed like there were a lot of kids with shrill voices occupying the entire stretch, and it was fabulous.

They sat on picnic blankets and munched on corn chips and popcorn for fuel before scattering with buckets of energy to burn. One kid found a slide to play on.

Others built campfires and helped rub sticks together to try and light it. I think some of those sticks ended up at Nic's place.

These two followed each other around like they were a married couple, with bosiness and bickering to match.

That's when she's not striking a pose for the camera.

Olivia demonstrating being "fierce". You go, girl! (in my best Tyra Banks impersonation).

These two couldn't stop shoveling popcorn into their mouths. I was pretty impressed how well they were able to share that bag of popcorn.

Happiness at the beach is a sure winner.

As the wind picked up and the gray skies hid the setting sun we decided to move on.

Kid's dinner (plus alcohol & nibbles for grownups)

Ahh, lovely glass of Pinot Gris and a fine selection of delectable nibbles as we watched the kiddos chowing down on fish and chips.

Following on from dinner they ran around inside and out, climbed furniture, played with water, ran around some more, and sat down for desert.

It was such a ridiculously fun afternoon and evening, but as always all good things must come to an end. We bid our farewells, and headed home for a quick bath and a prompt bedtime soon after. Kien was exhausted, and so was I too, actually. You know the type of tired I mean, and with the satisfaction of knowing that I gave my son another adventure in his repertoire of memories in being young.

A wrap of our day in the form of a little movie...

For those who are seeing this post via e-mail and/or cannot view the movie here is the link to it on youtube: Children's Gathering.

If you wish to see more photos I've added an addendum for this post.


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