Monday, October 24, 2011

Rugby World Cup fever

What a final match it was! Rugby World Cup fever was well and truly evident when we were at Wynyard Quarter last night to soak up a bit of the atmosphere prior to the game. It was a sea of people, and it was only 18:30. Excitement was definitely brewing.

We went to the playground, and I fed Kien his dinner I had prepared at home (which he refused to eat there), plus I knew there was no chance of getting anywhere near a food outlet.

Wine in a blue plastic cup is so inconspicuous.

As more people headed toward the fan zone to bed in for the game we went in the opposite direction, home. We tucked Kien into bed and settled back to watch what turned out to be a nail biting 80 minutes. Apparently there was no crime occurring during that time in NZ, 10 movie tickets were sold in Newmarket, and 1 bar in Ponsonby did not have the game on TV.

Earlier in the day Kien was showing his support for the All Blacks by sporting his own little jersey.


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