Monday, October 31, 2011

Boatsheds in the city

They sit with their tentacle like ramps suspended at circa 20°, these prominent fixtures along the shores of Herne Bay. Boatsheds at the foots of cliffs, perched on wooden piles typically sheathed with crustaceans. They are vintage beauties, and I romantically imagine the “boatie” type users of yesteryear, with sun-bleached hair and leathery tanned faces launching hand crafted wooden dingys into the water. Now they are either used as boat club rooms or for parties (I surmise from the myriad of two times I have seen inside one). The one we were at on Saturday afternoon was the former.

Herne Bay Beach Reserve

We were here last weekend for a two year old's birthday party.

We took Kien to this cute little beach armed with his brand spanking new bucket, spade, rake and boat. The tide was out so there were mudpools and rocks to explore.

The late afternoon sky provided some interesting cloud formations.

To me it looked like a canvas painting of a sea enveloping a volcano hidden behind an ash cloud.

It was a fabulous impromptu beach expedition, and if you are wondering why on earth Kien is in his jeans on the beach the answer is simple - we forgot. The shorts were in the bag with the towel and ready for him. We changed him when we got to the car after we left the beach.


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