Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keen to be a rock 'n roller

Kien has shown a lot of interest in my guitar in the past 6 months, and since we have been intending to get him something for both his birthday and Christmas present (he's only two so it's OK to do that NOW) we decided it was time he got his own guitar. We went to the Rockshop to scope out what was available, and came home with a cute little half sized beauty.

Kien looks so keen to be a rock 'n roller! Here he is jamming with his dad.

The girl at the shop was like "Oh, you are starting him young", and I was like "well he gets my guitar out and starts strumming and singing so we need to get one he can actually hold properly". For the record we are NOT expecting him to play like Andres Segovia (my favourite guitar hero) by the time he is five, or actually take up playing the guitar for that matter. It's just that when I'm playing mine he tends to want to imitate, and now he can. That's all.

Here is a little clip of Kien singing his favourite song back at the beginning of December.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

I love Kiens shirt, cute as a button.


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