Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adrenalin junkies

Last Sunday Westhaven was the home of Red Bull City Scramble - extreme enduro motorcross racing.

It was heaps of fun despite Kien being scared of the motorbikes when they reved and roared, though he was definitely excited to watch them.

Look how excited he was pointing things out to us.

Actually, the thing that got Kien most excited about was this:

These were the guys flying the octocopter that was zooming around taking videos from the onboard camera.

I want one. Jef's been building a tricopter, and all of a sudden I'm really interested in his project. I want to hover around and make cool movies!

I took Kien to the little beach around the corner so he could have a run around and get his dose of sand and shell collecting action.

It is such a perfect venue for this event, and I love the view from across the harbour.


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