Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our outing at historic Fort Takapuna

Talk about picturesque, interesting and fun! I've been to North Head and absolutely love the WWI tunnels there, but I never knew about Fort Takapuna until last Sunday when I asked Jef to take us on a family outing. I'm so glad Jef found this place. It was fabulous.

We parked at the beach and walked up through the reserve.

The military structures dates back to circa 1889 at a time when Russia was a major threat to the British Empire, and rumors of a Russian fleet in the North Pacific meant an imminent invasion. Fort Takapuna was one of a several coastal defence sites around Auckland harbour.

Kien crawled through the gun pit a number of times. He would pop out and run around and go back down into the pit, and Jef would lift him up so he could crawl through again.

I love the brick building in the ditch with the castellated roof.

The concrete slide on the south eastern side of the ditch was built as part of the tramway used to move the ammunition around. This is the steep slide that Kien walked up and insisted on walking back down again, and being Mr Independent he did not want to hold his dad's hand. He fell, face planted, and Jef said it sounded pretty nasty from where he was. Kien had grazes on his face, and he cried for 30 seconds, then insisted on going up and come back down again - all by himself! So he did.

The three concrete structures on the cliff top were used to control the anchorage where ships entering the harbour were examined.

Kien picked some grass and practiced his fencing skills.

Interesting piece of history - in 1918 the camp accommodated German prisoners of war and in 1919 was used as a hospital for flu victims.

We made our way back to the beach and had our coffee and snacks that I had packed.


So I did a post about Kien loving to run the other day. Well, he also loves to jump too. Actually, both my boys do.

See? I have my hands full with both of them!


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Lea White said...

I've been there before. Was really lovely! Love your photos. Your boys seem very busy :-)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It gave me a chance to come here and meet you!

Your photography is wonderful. I loved seeing your son and husband jump and play.


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