Friday, April 27, 2012


I personally think it's important to teach the future generation the spirit of ANZAC day and help them to appreciate what freedom means. Even though at this age they haven't a clue regarding the symbolic poppy they are given after putting a few coins into the bucket, I think in the future they will understand why April 25th is a public holiday.

We went to the War Memorial Museum on Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day and we drove around and around looking for a park. We didn't spend a huge amount of time there; just enough to listen to a bit of the commentary and pay for a few poppies.

Back in my early twenties the 25th April meant waking up early, marching in a parade through Howick Village, and assembling at the RSA for lunch whilst admiring the medals on chests of folks who have actually done their tour of duty (or even multiple tours). Back then I wanted so badly to do my own tour of duty, but in the midst of university and holding down a job the army wasn't going to send some Signaller territorial force chick overseas for peace keeping duties, which essentially was all that was required from regular forces back then.

Anyway, a decade and some later I still feel the same level of appreciation for what this country has offered me and my family as refugees escaping from the atrocities of government corruption and the aftermath of a dirty political war. I served my time, both as territorial force and regular force, and I am glad and proud of that.

Back to Wednesday, we had a wander through the museum before making our way to Jervois Rd, where we stopped and had a bite and a pint while Kien slept. We then wallowed in the glorious warmth and sunshine at Sentinel Beach.

It was a truly wonderful day, and despite my tiredness I still managed to appreciate these moments.

I certainly appreciate these moments, a lot!


Addendum to my previous post titled round and round the garden I realised I didn't put any reference links to the video for those folks receiving this blog via e-mail. So you can either come to the post online and see the video or here is the youtube link.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about teaching our kiddies about the significance of ANZAC day. This year was the first year I haven't taken Pete to an ANZAC service because I had to be at the hospital early. I think it's awesome that more people are starting to attend them. I love the photo of Kien holding the poppies next to dad!


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