Sunday, April 8, 2012

Early meetup at the beach

It sure is nice seeing my son forming bonds and establishing relationships with other children. I watch how easily they do it; no sooner have they greeted each other they are then running around having the time of their lives, giggling and laughing. It seems so effortless and easy.

This morning we had a date with Linda and Flynn at the beach. His birthday was in February, and I had promised him we would go to the beach for a treasure hunt. We got there just after 9am in perfect beach weather conditions. While Linda occupied the boys at the other end of the beach I scattered easter eggs and packets of miniature chocolates on the wall facing. In hindsight I should have made it harder for him, but I was in the head space of a two year old's logic, not for a boy that is five years old. Anyway, he they found everything within a minute of looking.

The boys had such a great time this morning. The tide was on the way out when we arrived, so still high enough for us to be close and watch them play.

Kien is too little for the rope swing, but he quite happily watched Flynn goofing around on it.

Eventually both kids were in the water, and even though the sun was shining brightly the water temperature was definitely on the cooler side. Kids are so robust though, aren't they?

Flynn brought along his rocket launcher and they both loved playing with this contraption.

Despite my lack of cognisance I'm pretty sure Flynn enjoyed his belated birthday gift, more so possibly due to a little kid running fervently after him.

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Lea White said...

Oh this is so cool what you got up to. I bet the little ones had a lot of fun and yes, isn't it just amazing how easy kids form friendships.


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