Saturday, April 28, 2012

Autumn leaves

Even though I am mourning the departure of summer I love the beauty with the change in season. Every year the massive trees around our property provide a wonderful opportunity to run and roll through leaves.

Late this afternoon as we were heading inside after a trip to my folks I told Kien he could play in the wet leaves. He relished the opportunity.

We think we've discovered the reason for all the craziness lately - molars. Jef looked in Kien's mouth this morning and saw the tips cutting through his gums. You don't know how thrilled I am that we've *maybe* found the culprit. Here I was doubting the way I parent him and thinking these were behavioural issues due to us being way too soft on him. Perhaps there is an element of that too, but hey, he is going through his twos after all, and they don't call it *terrific* twos for nothing!


Catching the Magic said...

Ah ha, those molars! I'm waiting for my Miss 2 and a bit's second set of molars to come through. Four more teeth to go... and yes, they are a right royal pain ;]

I remember one of my older daughters had one come through every couple of weeks - it was 8 weeks of crazy behaviour, bad sleep and all sorts.

I reckon my Miss 2 and a bit is just about to feel the first cut of one some time soon, gah! Roll on 3 :) x

P.S. The leaf photos are AMAZING!

Travel With Lulu said...

Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours! Your little man is adorable and your photos have captured the season perfectly. Have a great weekend!! XOLaura

Lea White said...

Oh dear, teething is no fun. Love your photos. I love the colours of autumn even though I'm not looking forward to the cold that will follow soon.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Awww...teething is always a painful time for little ones! Loved seeing your fall leaves, since it is spring where I live.

Carlos said...

I love Fall! it is my favorite time of the year. Spring is great and summers are awesome. Winters are OK, is there is wine available. :)

PS I do not know how to turn the verification off. :)

Claire Justine said...

Lovely pictures it looks so much fun playing in the leaves :)


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