Friday, April 20, 2012

Water play, Venus and sunsets

I am mindful that I can fall into the trap of not appreciating all the wonderful things around me, and hence I take lots of photos and write my blog, which helps me recognise and acknowledge beauty.

❤ watching cousins playing.

❤ that they love water play.

❤ their looks of innocence.

❤ Autumn evenings on the beach.

❤ watching the boys play.

❤ gorgeous sunsets.

❤ seeing Venus in the sky.


lina@happy family said...

Enjoying your photos, Lien. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world :)
I've followed your blog too.

momto8 said...

the little things are big things.

Anonymous said...

Love the innocent faces!! I just looked at the weather thing on the right, I wish it was windy enough for kite flying, Pete keeps running outside and his kite is still on the ground :( xo

Jessica said...

What wonderful photos!

Lea White said...

Lovely photos! And yes, we do sometimes need to be reminded to appreciate the little things!

Naptime Review said...

New follower from blog hop! I love your pictures! What a beautiful family ;) I look forward to following you!

Follow back when you can!

Sparkle and Co said...

I enjoyed your pictures! My son is a lonely child and I wish my brother had a child so I'll see them playing.
Have a nice week end

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Aww so cute, don't our kids look fabulous together? I missed out on having any cousins to grow up with (Jef!!!), glad that Thomas can enjoy my cousin as a mate.


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