Sunday, October 4, 2015


It was always numero uno on my list of things to see in my lifetime, and now it's one big fat tick in the box. It was everything I had imagined and so much more (minus the hoards of tourists, of which we were three of thousands). The colosseum is amazing! Rome is amazing. I can't even think of any other way to describe the amazingness of this place (yes, I know, there's no such word as amazingness, but the noun seems fitting).

We walked the 2.5 kilometers from our rented apartment early this morning, and as we strolled along Via Labicana the view came into focus and I immediately felt the excitement in the pit of my stomach.

Close by were the ruins where the gladiators would have trained.

As we approached the entrance I was just in aw of the size of this place.

Then we got inside and everyone goes kinda nuts with their camera. By the way there were selfie sticks everywhere. Must be a 2015 meme.

Walking through archways and corridors you can just imagine what it would have been like at the height of the Roman Empire. The atmosphere would have been diabolical and yet so normal back then that no one would have considered the games barbaric.

We took so many pictures, but at the end of the day I feel so satisfied to have finally made it here, the one place I have wanted to come to for as long as I can remember.


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