Sunday, October 25, 2015

In the heart of the Cyclades

(Edit: this was supposed to have been posted a number of days ago When we were in Athens but the wifi on our open air bus cut out just as I was about to hit the publish button, and since then we've had no wifi.)

Sitting on a couch with our feet in the sand as we listen to the small waves lapping up on the beach just 20 meters from where we lounge. Yes, we were in the Greek Islands on Sunday - day 7 of our cruise, and this is a little beach on Mykonos.

We disembarked the ship early was we were not staying in port for as long as any of the other days. Ours was the only ship in port that early, and the shops were only just setting up. We got a chance to see the local fish market, where the fish were so fresh they were still flipping around whilst lined up waiting to be sold.

We wandered around the main touristy area of Mykonos, and then wandered further and further up to the highway. We stopped at the first stretch of beach we came across for a little bit. Again I could imagine how busy this beach would have been last month, but now there were hardly anyone here. The water was chilly, especially with the strong breeze blowing in from the sea.

Jef could see on the map that there was a township further around, so we decided to continue walking. We came across a donkey that was really happy to see us and came running down the hill to greet us.

We made it to the little township of Korfos. It was so quiet with just the locals getting their morning supplies from the corner store and bakery. A sign pointed us in the direction of the beach.

The beach is in a harbour, so it was calm and warm. We picked a spot at a restaurant on the beach and ordered cafe lattes and beers. The season is almost over and our waiter said that they were actually closing up shop the following day, so we came at just the right time. If you are looking for luxury then this is the place to come to. The owners of this establishment certainly knows how to make people want to hang out and lounge here. That's exactly what we did.

A few hours later and we had to say goodbye and head back to our ship.

It was another unexpectedly awesome day. I would definitely consider vacationing in the Greek islands somewhere for a longer stretch. It's everything I imagined it to be.


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