Saturday, October 3, 2015

On the streets of Hong Kong

We've been here many times before, but we love Hong Kong and can entertain ourselves every time we are here. But boy oh boy did I forget how hot it is. We had to duck into a big fancy mall on Kowloon Park Drive to get some refreshing air conditioning. We visited parks and sat under trees for temporary reprieve, and I realised that Kien does not love the heat as much as I do.

Kien is very lucky that he is able to get a ride. Now I know why I exercise as much as I do!

On Nathan Road we came across a protest. It went past us with streams of people for like 20-30 minutes, with the marching bands playing and a lady's booming voice yelling through the bullhorn.

We got to the area where the famous night markets are situated, and the vendors were only setting up.

We wandered around and had a look, and then went to some parks close by.

Jef and I have such fond memories of the street food there. The place we stopped for dinner did not disappoint. I ordered a bunch of grilled skewers and we grabbed a table and set ourselves up right there on the road.

Kien ran around taking photos while we ate.

Thanks for being my B photographer, Kien!


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