Friday, October 9, 2015

Qu'est-ce que c'est

We've arrived in Paris! Bonjour! Comment ca va? Yesterday we took the metro and went up to that famous tower that adorns most postcards from know, that tower...

It is more spectacular than I had envisaged. It is incredible that this tower was built as a temporary structure intended to only be up for 20 years.

We went up to the second tier where we dropped Jef off, and Kien and I went to the very top. Oh my, the view over the city is amazing. We were so high up!

We then made our way down via the stairs, and I re-enacted the Duran Duran MTV "A view to a kill" video (with a limpet on my back).

We came back to the apartment which is located in the vibrant area Montorgeuil.

In the evening we went down the street for dinner, and of course I had to have escargot.


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