Wednesday, October 14, 2015

From Barcelona to Toulon

On Monday morning we left our hotel to go explore Barcelona for the brief time we had left here. We made our way toward the beach, and found a cool cafe where we stopped for coffee.

We stopped by the fountain across the street from our hotel.

Then it was time to make our way to the the port to catch our cruise. We are anticipating that from this point forward we will have a more "relaxed" holiday where we are not needing to do so much of the "tick in the box" activities. 

We set off at 19:00 from Barcelona headed for Toulon. 

Yesterday I woke up early and went for a run along the top deck of the ship where the running track was. I ran for 30 minutes, which I usually can clock around 6-6.5km in that time, but I'm guessing I can do less now because all I've been doing on this trip is eat and eat and eat! I feel like a whale.

Jef woke up and caught the sunrise and our passage into Toulon. 

We went for a leisurely breakfast before hopping on a ferry to take us to the city area.

Toulon is like a sleepy coastal town. It's pretty and quiet.

We were meandering around when all of a sudden we came upon an All Blacks store. Who would have thought we'd see a NZ store in the middle of nowhere in southern France!

Kien finally got to send his postcard that he purchased at the Eiffel Tower for his teacher who was originally from Paris.

We then headed back to the ship.


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