Friday, October 9, 2015

The Vatican City

The Catholic Church sure have had some cash behind them, because when you go to the Vatican City you realise that you had no idea what opulence looked like. Walking through the Vatican museum was like walking through an endless maze of artistry from floor to ceiling. Intricate paintings decorated the ceilings with such detail.

It was a huge build up walking through these chambers like a herd, shoulder to shoulder as we shuffle, stopping to take the suppressed flash shot, all heading toward the one chapel everyone is really here to see...

...and it did not disappoint! The frescos that decorate the interior of the Sistine Chapel is beautiful, and that Michelangelo ceiling depicting the last judgement is breathtaking. Strictly no photography allowed.

Kien's favourite section of the museum were the Egyptian artifacts and the mummies on display. He enjoyed listening to the audio guide explaining the collection.

We found a little seat after we left the Sistine Chapel and asked Kien to give us his best King look.

We went outside and sat in the shade for a rest from the crowds.

Next stop - St Peters cathedral. OMG its enormous. The outside oval can house a ridiculous amount of people, and the seats are out ready for the weekly meeting with the Pope.

Again more queues to get inside, but wow was it worth it.

I just could not imagine the Statue of Liberty fitting into this dome!

Tuesday night was also our last in Rome. We walked around the neighbourhood and soaked up the atmosphere.


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