Saturday, February 4, 2012

Downtown LA

We caught a bus to Union Station on Wednesday. This historical railway station is grand and beautiful both inside and out.

We passed briefly through Olveria Street - the oldest part of Downtown LA. I tasted the most amazing taquitos there!

We then followed the signs to Chinatown, which also houses Saigon Plaza.

It's weird to see my name plastered everywhere, making me feel no longer original.

This part of Downtown LA really is beautiful; palm trees basking in the sunlight and ornately designed crossings.


What I've noticed over here (and Kien points it out too) is how clearly you can see the moon during the day because of the continuously cloudless sky.


Lea White said...

Such beautiful photos! Looks so nice and warm there (unlike our cold, rainy and very cloudy day...). And how cool to see your name everywhere!

Lien - all new adventures said...

Thanks, Lea. It is very nice and warm despite it being the middle of winter in Calefornia. The nights are chilly, but otherwise it feels like summer. I'm not looking forward to Auckland weather!


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