Thursday, February 2, 2012

San Gabriel Canyon

We had a relatively relaxing day on Monday. We decided to take a drive around and see what was interesting to see around the area. We were going to go to a shopping mall but for some reason the one we chose was all blocked off with police vehicles and fire trucks. So Jef looked on the GPS and saw there was a lake not too far away. We picked up sushi and some seaweed salad and headed to Azusa area.

We drove up through the San Gabriel Canyon, and stopped for lunch at a nice little spot.

I can't believe how dry the lake is. We drove over a bridge with a sign saying "no diving or fishing" and we were thinking it should say "no donuts" judging by the tire marks down there.

It was interesting scenery, and it felt good to be out and about in an area that doesn't look like what you would expect from typical Los Angeles vista.


Back in LA again since Sunday night, and the modem that was supposed to be ready and waiting for us has not been delivered to the house. Trying to survive without internet is VERY difficult! So every time we go anywhere we are searching for wifi access points. I'm currently at West Coast RC Raceway trying to catch up on blog posts and e-mail. This is WC RC Raceway. They are doing off-track racing tonight.

When Jeff said there was internet access I couldn't say yes I'm coming fast enough!


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