Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enjoying summer outside

What is wrong with Auckland weather this summer? Yesterday Jef sent me this picture of the water spout just fizzing out over in Albany.

The photo was taken out of the window at his workplace. What an amazing sight indeed.

Strong winds caused breakage to a big tree at Freemans Park this week.

Despite the varying weather conditions we have had some lovely cool evenings. Like on Tuesday night; Jef had to work, Kien needed to run around, and I was a little tired and didn't feel like traipsing to the park. I set up the outdoor furniture and invited my neighbour Diane to join me for a glass of wine. We broke out the croquet set and had a round on the lawn. Then we called another neighbour to come out and play too.

Kien was able to burn off some steam.

I had to chase him all over the grounds causing a distraction to my game and thus losing - not that we were following any rules anyway.

I picked up Kien from daycare tonight and was not in the mood to eat or cook anything in my bare fridge, so when Jef arrived home we promptly went to Nishiki Robata-Yaki bar.

We were able to have a relatively relaxing meal while Kien entertained himself with my iPhone (for the most part).

The joys of sucking Honeysuckle

It brings me back to my childhood - sucking nectar from Honeysuckle. We've introduced this delicacy (and ritual) to Kien a few months ago, and he loves it!

It was an added bonus to see a bee doing the same thing.

I'm not liking the mosquitoes that find their way into our room and suck our blood. My son has come up in welts. His eye looks like someone has socked him one! Poor little dude.

Wow, almost the end of another working week - how quickly I feel this week has gone.


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