Thursday, February 9, 2012

Memories of a girl I never met

Her mummy was almost 5 months pregnant with her when we were last in LA. At that time Kien was merely an idea; a concept that was comtemplated, but having a child seemed preposterous for fitting into our lifestyle. I was however happy for my friend of (now) 20 years. Her plans for a big family were well on the way.

I never knew this child, and yet I feel like I've known her, and when I held my baby through those first few months of his life I thought of her frequently. Her photo taken with her proud older brother is still on my fridge.

We visited her resting place on Sunday afternoon - the day we flew out of LA. We drank coffee and pomegranate juice, ate mini Oreos, chocolate and honey sticks.

We brought freshly cut flowers from home with the knowledge that wild deer will come through that evening and eat them.

flowers from the garden

That's OK, because her little brother already started munching on the petals that had been scattered during the trimming process.

Mighty Matt eating rose petals

Her younger brother is gorgeous, and I would have taken him home to NZ if only his parents didn't notice.

Mighty Matt and his second mummy

Mighty Matt

The kids delighted themselves with streams and streams of bubbles.

Bubbles bubbles bubbles

More bubbles bubbles bubbles

There was a spectacular cloud formation in the sky - with the sun's reflection concentrated in a particular area making the spot glow.

Amazing cloud formation

It was lovely to spend a small part of our last day there. I've now got new memories; of bubbles and flowers and babes giggling as they chased bubbles, and sun umbrellas caught by the breeze, and soft cheeks that beckons to be kissed a thousand times, and "smoothe" coffee, and Teddy Grahams, and mini Oreos being devoured, and and and...

Soft toysSome rocks her older brother Ethan brought for her.


I'm linking this post with some talented writers who have moved me with their lyrical offerings.


LatteJunkie said...

Wow. I am so glad you wrote this. Thank you for sharing the story and I hope you felt a benefit in writing about it too...

I will email you the other links as linky-thingy is being a bum...

Jess said...

What an amazing and emotionally moving piece of writing. Thank you for sharing such a close memory.

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful and the photographs are fabulous too.

Lea White said...

What an incredible piece of writing! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful x


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