Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday on the water

We woke up early Sunday morning with big plans for our sunny summer day. I quickly whipped up some chicken fried rice, made some coffee, packed spare changes of clothing and we were out the door by 8:30am heading to Northcote Point.

Kien loved playing with the whistle on his life jacket. He kept pulling it out of the pocket and then would put it away again. He tried blowing it but he didn't have enough umph to make any significant noise. It was not really an effective whistle anyway, and I think we may change it out.

Kien looking all serious and reserved at the back of the yacht - Mr Cool.

It was hot out there! We needed to confirm the centre board was down, so it was a good excuse to go for a swim. As I hadn't planned on jumping into the drink I had no togs with me - but that doesn't matter because there was no one out here (except we did see some kayakers fishing, and perhaps there were people inside the other yachts). The water was lovely.

We got home in time for his middle of the day sleep.

In the afternoon we headed out to the beach with our kayak.

It was fun paddling around. I left Kien on the beach with his dad while I cruised around the harbour.

I love seeing the bay from this perspective. It looks so small and secluded.

While I was out there it looks like the boys had fun. They made a pool...

...and I found these photos on the camera. What is he doing? It looks like he's doing a rap with all the hand movements for emphasis, yo.

Jef and Kien did lots of splashing around in the water. I'm loving the waterproof casing so I can capture these shots.

It has been such an amazingly fun weekend packed full of activities. I love these sorts of weekends. It makes me feel so alive and very far removed from the monotony of everyday life.

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Lea White said...

Oh it looks like such a relaxing time you had! Lovely photos!


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