Sunday, February 19, 2012

High tide at Herne Bay Beach

We arrived back from visiting my folks at around 6pm last night, and it was a gorgeous evening for a beach visit. I love going to the beach in the evening; the sun is low in the sky taking the bite out of it's rays, the water is still warm, most beach dwellers are heading home, and Kien has a chance to burn whatever stored energy he has left in his little body before bedtime. We decided on Herne Bay beach.

Immediately upon arrival Kien was into the sand with his bucket and spade.

Kien loves to build sand castles - actually I'll re-phrase that - he loves having sand castles built for him.

All for the sole purpose of destruction - kicking them over and stomping on them.

That game is never old for him!

The water was relatively warm last night. Hey, this is Auckland, so warm means not really warm, and hence why we don't have our togs on. Kien is getting a lot bolder now, and goes in a little deeper each time we go to the beach.

Last night he was in the water for ages trying to collect the sand with his spade. He couldn't quite understand why he couldn't fill his bucket quickly enough.

Gosh, I love summer!

1 comment:

Lea White said...

Oh your beach photos are just so beautiful! I love summer too. Just a pity it is over so quickly!


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