Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last day in Las Vegas

Our time in Nevada was brief and tiring - but fun. We took the kids to play more carnival games on Sunday morning.

We won big! Jef won a dolphin by popping a balloon with a dart. I won a cow/giraffe (kinda hard to tell what it resembled) by rolling balls into holes and making the horse move forward.

Jeff bought a bucket of rings to throw at coke bottles, and he was successful at landing one. The prize was a giant soft toy/pillow. As he walked from the carnival games area through the casino to the carpark it was like Jeff was a celebrity for kids. They were a gasping and pointing at the giant stuffed thing.

We made our way down The Strip of famous Hotels/Casinos.

Our drive back to LA looked like this for a lot of the journey.

I love the swirling clouds (what clouds there actually is), and any jet streams from planes stay suspended in the sky for a long time.

Another first

On the way back we stopped at the "golden arches" to use the bathrooms and pick up some dinner. It is ironic that Kien had his first Happy Meal ever whilst in America between Las Vegas and LA.

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Lea White said...

Congrats on your winnings :-). It looks like you had such fun! Stunning photos!


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