Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday morning

Kien was clingy and whining the moment he got up this morning. It was such hard work, and Jef bore the brunt of it while I tried to have a sleep in. So when I got up Jef suggested checking out what was happening at North Wharf Wynyard Quarter.

It was practically perfect weather for an outing - not too hot, hardly any wind, and no rain, yay!

Now I'm guessing that when they put the water (pond?) structure right next to the playground they must have anticipated kids were going to think it's a pool, yeah?

So many kids were experiencing such joy frolicking in the water.

We ambled to the other side to Te Weo Wynyard Crossing bridge where Kien jumped the concrete steps going down to the water and waded a bit more.

Kien and I talked to each other through the pipes. He was fascinated by it, burying his face inside and squealing with delight.

As we were heading back to the car Bannerman were doing sound checks for the noon Silo Session. It sounded really good and we decided to hang around for a bit.

Kien was captivated by the sounds and the business of the people on stage. He stood in front of the stage watching for the longest time.

It turned out to be a great morning, and we rushed Kien home so he could have his midday nap at 12:30. He slept for 3 hours!

Happy Saturday.


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